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〒042-0932 Hakodate Uminokaze at Yunokawa Onsen-1-18-15 Yunokawa cho ,-Hakodate City 042-0932


Toll shuttle bus

To/From Sapporo station (Round trip)
4,000 yen per 1 adult (including tax)
2,000 yen per 1 child (including tax)
To/From Sapporo station (One way)
2,500 yen per 1 adult (including tax)
1,250 yen per 1 child (including tax)
Time table
To Umi-no-Kaze (from Sapporo station north entrance)
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
(from Hakodate)
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
From Sapporo station north entrance To Hakodate From Hakodate To Sapporo station north entrance
10:00 15:00 10:05 16:00
Meeting point

【Meeting Place】
The group bus stop at the North Exit of JR Sapporo Station.
Reception will begin 15 minutes prior to bus departure.
■Please arrive at the group bus stop at the north exit of JR Sapporo Station 15 minutes before the bus departure.
■Staff will be waiting for you at the north exit of JR Sapporo Station.
■Before boarding the bus, please tell the staff your name.
■Seating is reserved. Depending on how crowded the bus is, you may be asked to share a seat. Please be aware of this beforehand.
■Diagonal crossings from bus stops are very dangerous. Please make sure to use the pedestrian crossing.


“Notice * Please make a reservation directly with the hotel (TEL:0570-026573) if you wish to use shuttle bus service,
* You can also make a reservation through application form for the shuttle bus reservation
* Business hour of HAKODATE Uminokaze is 10:00-17:00.
* Please notified that as soon as reservation for bus seat becomes full,we will stop accepting reservation.
※ The fee for shuttle bus is 2,500 yen (including tax)/one way per adult, and 4,000 yen (including tax)/round trip per adult.
and 1,250 yen (including tax)/one way per child, and round trip 2,000 yen (including tax) per child.

* The seat of bus is limited, so please refrain from using the shuttle if you are with the group of more than 8 people.
* Please come to the meeting point and finish reception by 15 minutes before departure..
* If your arrival to the meeting point is delayed, be sure to contact the hotel or Sapporo office by 15 minutes before departure.
When its being canceled, please be sure to contact the hotel you have reserved by the previous day or Sapporo business office.
* Please be punctual.
Please understand that even though the transportation was delayed, the bus will depart as scheduled time.
And in such occasion, if the guests are to go to the hotel by other transportation, the transportation cost should be paid by the guests.
* We ask you to pay for the fee for shuttle bus at the time of check-in.
* If we have no reservation for the bus by 1 week before the stay day, the bus service will be cancelled.
* This bus is share-ride bus. We may use supplementary seats.
Please understand that there might be a slight difference between actual arrival time from schedule due to transportation conditions.

* No smoking in the bus.
* As there are a lot of buggage similar each other, we recommend you to put some mark on your baggage.
* We and the bus company are not responsible for the loss or mix-up of your hand luggages during using bus services. Please take care of your luggage with your responsibility.
We don’t accept getting-on and getting-off from the bus on the way.
* The reservation of the shuttle bus will be automatically cancelled at the time of cancellation of hotel reservation.
The full amount of the bus fee will occur as a cancellation fee in case of cancellation on the stay day.