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About kids 

  • How much is the kid’s price?

    Price for the kids of elementary school is 70% of adult fare.
    Price for the kids between 3 years and non-school kids is 50 % of adult fare.
    Kids between 0 years old and 2 years old are free.
    ※ About kids between 3 years old and non-school kids, in case without meals and futons, (the same meals with parents and sleeping aside), please pay 2750 yen (including tax) as an entrance fee.

  • I'd like to bring an infant to the hotel, but do you warm up baby foods?

    Please feel free to ask the front staff.

  • Could you provide hot water to make infant milk?

    Please use an electric kettle in your room. (You can use tap water as drinking water.)
    In case you don’t have enough hot water, our front staff will correspond immediately.

  • Is kid's yukata available?

    Kid’s size M yukata is available in your room.
    If the yukata doesn't fit, we have kid’s S and L size. Please tell the front.

About meals and restaurants

  • What is the business hour of the buffet restaurant?

    Buffet restaurant "Seikan Ichiba" opens from 18:00 to 21:00.
    Order stop is at 20:30.

  • What time does the meals served in the guest room?

    We don’t serve the meal to each room.

  • What are the menus of dinner and breakfast buffet?

    We serve seasonal food ingredients cooked in Japanese, Western, and Chinese style.
    (We don’t offer meat dish in the restaurant.)

  • I have food allergy, so is it possible to change the food ingredients?

    In the buffet, we are indicating specific allergic substances (8 items registered as of 2023) so that guests who have food allergy can also enjoy meals at the restaurant.
    If there are guests who have food allergy, please inform such to the staffs of reservation, reception, and restaurants. We will exert to take care of that as much as posssible.
    Further, please be notified that, as for dishes corresponding to food allergies, we Noguchi Kanko Groupcan’t deny that allergens may enter in secondary mixture through cooking utensils, equipment, and hands as we are not cooking them at perfectly separate facilities,
    Information on food ingredients we use is based on that from manufacturers. Please understand that we may refuse guests with severe food allergies for safety reasons.
    Inquiry :HAKODATE Umi-no-kaze TEL:0570-026573 (Business hour, 10:00 -18:00) At Western Modern cooking restaurant “Hakodate Ginzaken,” and Wine&Sushi kaiseki “Blue Seasons”, we can accommodate to arrange the menus if you inform us of information about your allergic food ingredients and food ingredients you can’t eat beforehand.
    Please contact us by 5 days before of your arrival.

  • Can take out leftover food of dinner and breakfast buffet?

    We are declining all takeout foods by hygiene control reasons.

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