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"Taisho Roman"

Guest rooms are furnished with classical Western furniture in solid dark brown color rooms.
We will produce high-quality journey for adults in a space which symbolizes Hakodate deeply affected by Western history and culture.
The noble air floats in the rooms which are colored by milk-colored chandeliers and glamorous carpets.
Fourteen rooms out of 21 rooms are equipped with view baths. Please relax in our luxirous rooms.

"Heisei Modern"

Rooms are chic and spacious space furnished with monotonous-color furniture, and wrapped by soft warmth of wood.
You can spend the hotel life as if you are relaxing at your home.
The ladies’ rooms are equipped with colorful and pop furniture, where ladies and three-generation family can freely stay.
Fourteen rooms out of 31 rooms are equipped with view baths, and 7 rooms are ladies’ rooms.

To smokers

Smoking is prohibited at our hotel. There is smoking space on every other floor, so please use the space if you smoke.