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The Noguchi Kanko Group (the company) regards personal information of customers who use the website we are managing as significant matters, and sets forth the policy of handling personal information as follows;
We ask you to confirm such and to use upon your agreement.

1.Cases in which we ask you to provide your personal information

Our homepage is requesting customers to fill in and send their personal information in the following cases;

  • * Hotel reservation
  • * Application and reservation of assortments of service and merchandise.
  • * Request of materials and brochures.
  • * In other cases, when we need to receive customer’s personal information, we will clearly notify the guests the purposes, contents, and how to handle the personal information.

2.Purpose of using personal information

On our website, we use personal information which we have received from our customers only in the following occasions; We will never use such information other than on the purpose of being offered from our customers.

  • Hotel reservation.
  • When we need to contact our customers by some reasons such as confirmation about details on reservation.
  • When we need to analyze the information for the purpose of improving our website, service and merchandise.
    For analysis, we process it statistically and never use it to specify individual customers.

3.Scope of collecting personal information

Regarding the personal information we receive from our customers, minimum information for rendering services is regarded essential, and providing other information than that will never be the condition to offer services.
(The minimum information to be provided must be marked in order to clarify such items.)

4.Preservation of personal information

The information we received from our customers is to be kept only as records of rendering services for which the customers applied, and should be deleted after certain period of time.

5.Provision and disclosure of personal information

The personal information of the customers are to be treated carefully, and will never be rendered or disclosed to the third party except for the following cases:

  • Hotel reservation
  • Outsourcing companies on which we render the secrecy obligation regarding Item 1 and maintenance and management of the system.
  • When there is agreement of a customer.
  • When it is requested by a law”

6.Security measures

  • * The company is taking rational security measures for the purpose of preventing illegal access, loss, damages, falsification, and leakage of the information both from the aspects of operation including management and the system.
  • * The company is using cookie on the service we render. The cookie is the system to save the usage history and the entry between browser and server on the customers’ computers as file when the customers are using the website.
    When the customers are accessing the same page the next time, website operators are able to change the display for individual customers by using information on cookie.
    If the customer permits sending and receiving cookie on setting of his/her browser, the website can acquire the cookie from the user’s browser. The customer’s browser sends only the cookie which the server of its website is sending and receiving for the purpose of privacy protection.
  • * There are some occasions when the advertisement from third party including Yahoo Japan Corp is displayed. And on such occasions, such third party may acquire and use the cookie information of the users who have visited our website.
  • * The cookie information acquired by such third party is taken care of based on the privacy policy of the third party concerned.
  • * The users can access the opt-out page which is set up in the website of the third person concerned, and can suspend the use of the cookie information for delivering advertisement.
  • * Opt-out is sending unilaterally the advertisement mail without permission of the users. It also refers to refuse such action and to ask the company not to send such advertisement.

7.Personal information on the website linked

The company’s website has link to the website of other companies and organizations in order to provide more useful information services to the customers. We are not responsible for collection and handling of personal information through the website which are linked to our website. Please use the link by your own judgement,

8.Change in contents of protection policy on personal information on our website

The change in privacy policy including the usage purpose and management method of personal information should be in effect at the time of displaying such change in privacy policy on the company’s website.

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